Job openings

Graduate Research Assistants

Our group focuses on exploring new materials in thin film form and interfaces for their novel magnetoelectric properties, particularly in complex oxides and organic semiconductor materials.

Our research interests are

  1. single phase materials (thin films): growth of new materials, crystal structure, magnetic structure, ferroelectricity, multiferroicity, magnetoelectric effect
  2. interface and heterostructures: magnetoresistance, resistance switching, magnetoelectric effect.

The experimental methods we use include

  1. pulsed laser deposition, thermal evaporation for thin film prepation;
  2. synchrontron and neutron diffraction and spectrosocopy (at national user facilities) for characterization of fundamental properties;
  3. magneto transport, magneto optics.

We train our graduate students systematically and help them overcome the gap between learning principles from the textbook and creating knowledge in cutting edge research. See our learning page for more information.

For current students who are interested in the work described above, please contact Prof. Xu for the graduate research assistant opening.

For perspective students, application for graduate studentship can be found at the Department Website.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Our group regularly hosts undergraduate research assistant(s). Please contact Prof. Xu to discuss the research in our group and your interests.