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Tuning the NĂ©el Temperature of Hexagonal Ferrites by Structural Distortion
CA growth
Neutron diffraction on the thin film hexagonal ferrites reveals that working temperature of hexagonal multiferroic ferrites can be increased by reducing size of the R atoms in h-RFeO3 and proves the record-high Neel temperature in h-ScFeO3. The work provides the insight into optimizing hexagonal ferrites by increasing the K3-distortion, which hosts great potential for applications, such as sensors, microwave devices, energy harvesting and energy-efficient recording technologies. See more details: Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 237203 (2018).

Nanostructural origin of semiconductivity in epitaxial NiCo2O4/Al2O3 thin films
CA growth
NiCo2O4 has been revealed as metallic in epitaxial NiCo2O4/MgAl2O4 thin films. However, even with the same optimal growth condition, the NiCo2O4/Al2O3 films are always semiconducting. Using a suite of characterization such as magnetometer, transport, x-ray diffraction, as well as the change of NiCo2O4 upon annealing, we found that the structural disorder caused by the difference between the substrate and the film structures is the origin of the semiconductivity and the large magnetoresistance. See more details: J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 51, 145308 (2018).