Research Highlight on Organic Semiconductor Thin Films

Room temperature ferroelectricity in continuous croconic acid thin films
CA growth
Croconic acid is an organic ferroelectric material above room temperature. However, the fabrication of thin films has been difficult. Using physical vapor deposition at high vacuum, we demonstrated the growth of continuous croconic acid films of nm thickness, which retain room temperature ferroelectricity at the same time. See more details: Applied Physics Letters 109, 102902 (2016)arXiv.

Organic spin valve that's tunable by an electric field
Diagram of tuned electric fields
Organic spin valves are like switches that can be turned on and off using a magnetic field. In our recent study, we demonstrated that it can also be tuned using an electric field, by inserting an ferroelectric layer in the structure. See more details:Nat. Comm. 5, 4396 (2014)arXiv.