We, as a group, learn, explore, and make discoveries together.
Our current research interests are low dimensional complex oxides and their interface with organic semiconductors.




 An experimental review of hexagonal rare earth ferrites

Hexagonal rare earth ferrites are a new class of magnetoelectric multiferroic material. They simultaneously exhibit spontaneous electric and magnetic polarizations; this suggests promising application in information storage and processing.  See more details: Morden Phys. Lett. B 28, 1430008 (2014).


 Structural origin of the magnetic structure in h-LuFeO3

What's the orgin of the weak ferromagnetism in h-LuFeO3? Using combined theoretical and experimental studies, we have elucidate that the low temperature weak ferromagnetism orginates from a structural change. See more details: Phys. Rev.  B. 90, 014436 (2014).



 Organic spin valve that's tunable by an electric field

Organic spin valves are like swtiches that can be turned on and off using a magnetic field. In our recent study, we demonstrated that it can also be tuned using an electric field, by inserting an ferroelectric layer in the structure. See more details: Nat. Comm. 5, 4396 (2014).