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We, as a group, learn, explore, and make discoveries together. Our current research interests are low dimensional complex oxides and their interface with organic semiconductors.

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Phase Separation in LuFeO3 Films
Photos of the phase transits in rare earth ferrites
Hexagonal rare earth ferrites are stabilized in thin film by epitaxial strains. At elevated temperature, the hexagonal phase transits to the thermodynamically stable orthorhombic phase. Phase coexistence and separation occurs because the transition is the 1st order. Sharp phase boundary is found between the two phases. See more details: Applied Physics Letters 108, 202903;(2016).

On the structural origin of single ion magnetic anisotropy in LuFeO3
Diagram of LuFeO3 structure
Hexagonal rare earth ferrites simultaneously exhibit spontaneous ferroelectricity and weak ferromagnetisim. The weak ferromagnetism relies on the specific spin anisotropy. We show that it is the subtle structural distorion related to the Fe displacement that generates this anisotropy. See more details: Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 28, 156001;(2016).