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Recent Publications

  • Xiaozhe Zhang, Yuewei Yin, Sen Yang, Zhimao Yang and Xiaoshan Xu2, "Effect of interface on epitaxy and magnetism in h-RFeO3/Fe3O4/Al2O3 films (R  =  Lu, Yb)." J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 29, 164001 (2017).

  • Kishan Sinha, Yubo Zhang, Xuanyuan Jiang, Hongwei Wang, Xiao Wang, Xiaozhe Zhang, Philip J. Ryan, Jong-Woo Kim, John Bowlan, Dmitry A. Yarotski, Yuelin Li, Anthony D. DiChiara, Xuemei Cheng, Xifan Wu, and Xiaoshan Xu, "Effects of biaxial strain on the improper multiferroicity in h-LuFeO3 films studied using the restrained thermal expansion method." Phys. Rev. B. 95, 094110 (2017).

  • Xiaoshan Xu, Xiaozhe Zhang, Yuewei Yin, Balamurugan Balasubramanian, Bhaskar Das, Yaohua Liu, Ashfia Huq, and David J Sellmyer, "Anti-site mixing and magnetic properties of Fe3Co3Nb2 studied via neutron powder diffraction." J. Phys. D: Applied Physics, 50, 025002 (2017).

Other Selected Publications

  • D. L. Sun, M. Fang, X.S. Xu*, L. Jiang, H.W. Guo, Y.M. Wang, W.T. Yang, L.F. Yin, P.C. Snijders, T.Z. Ward, Z. Gai, X.G. Zhang, H.N. Lee, J. Shen, “Active control of magnetoresistance of organic spin valves using ferroelectricity.” Nat. Comm. 5, 4396 (2014).

  • W.B. Wang, J.Zhao, W.B. Wang, Z. Gai, N. Balke, M. Chi, H.N. Lee, W. Tian, L.Y. Zhu, X.M. Cheng, D.J. Keavney, J.Y. Yi, T.Z. Ward, P.C. Snijders, H.M. Christen, W. Wu, J. Shen, and X.S Xu*, “Room-temperature multiferroic hexagonal LuFeO3 films,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 237601 (2013).

  • X.S. Xu, S.Y. Yin, R. Moro, A. Liang, J. Bowlan, and W.A. de Heer, “Metastability of free cobalt and iron clusters: A possible precursor to bulk ferromagnetism,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 057203 (2011).
  • X.S. Xu, T.V. Brinzari, S. McGill, H.D. Zhou, C.R. Wiebe, and J.L. Musfeldt, “Absence of Spin Liquid Behavior in Nd3Ga5SiO14 Using Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 267402 (2009).
  • X.S. Xu, M. Angst, T.V. Brinzari, R.P.Hermann, J.L. Musfeldt, A.D. Christianson, D. Mandrus, B.C. Sales, S. McGill, J.W. Kim, and Z. Islam, “Charge order, dynamics, and magneto-structural transition in multiferroic LuFe2O4,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 227602 (2008).
  • S.Y. Yin, R. Moro, X.S. Xu, and W.A. de Heer, “Magnetic enhancement in cobalt-manganese alloy clusters,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 113401 (2007).
  • X.S. Xu, S.Y. Yin, R. Moro, and W.A. de Heer, “Magnetic moments and adiabatic magnetization of free cobalt clusters,” Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 237209 (2005).
  • R. Moro, X.S. Xu, S.Y. Yin, W.A. de Heer, "Ferroelectricity in free niobium clusters." Science 300, 1265-1269 (2003).